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August 2015 Minutes

Tesuque Water Association (TWA) Meeting Minutes   

 Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Special Meeting

 Board Members Present: Randolph Buckley, President; Allen Lewis, Vice-President; Allen Lewis, Secretary; and Dominick De Santis.

Board Members Not Present: Marge Garcia-Loehr, Treasurer.

Members Present: Jeanette Griego, Mary Helen Perea, Maria Bustamante, Juan Bustamante, Gretchen Goff, Richard Fisher, Diana De Santis, Lisa Brett, Richard Belian, Robert Martinez

Non-Members Present:

Operator Present: Rudy Martinez

Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum:  6:02pm Randolph Buckley verified a quorum.

Special Meeting Called to Order

2) Verified quorum with at least 10% of membership present.

3) Special Meeting Item

  1. Election of Member to Open Board Position.
  2. Robert Martinez volunteered to be on the Board.
  3. Gretchen Motioned to elect Robert Martinez, Lisa Brett seconded. Vote was unanimous. Welcome Robert Martinez to the Board of TWA.

4) Closed Special Meeting at 6:30pm


Regular Monthly Board Meeting

Call Regular Board Meeting to Order 6:15pm

1) Verification of Quorum. Quorum verified.

2) Approval of Minutes- June and July Meetings. All Board Members indicated they reviewed and agreed to approve minutes.

4) Financial Report.

  1. Randy reviewed in Marge’s absence. No unusual activity to report. The Aged Delinquent list over 90 days amount that seems high is due to very few accounts and is being addressed.

5) Water Operators Report

7/31/15  The meters were read and recorded on time. Acknowledged alarm.

7/6/15 Locate at Tesuque Village RD.

7/7/15  Cut out meters of two members meters .

7/7/15 Locate on Tesuque Village Rd. William J. Miller Engineers and sent map.

7/22/15 Helped Indepth grab 5 samples after a Chloroform positive sample. All tested clean indicating initial sample had been contaminated from a source not in the water.

7/23/15 Emergency Locate 18 Jiminez/Romero.

7/24/15 Locate 125 Tesuque Village Rd.

7/28/15 Locate 1555 Bishops Lodge Rd.

No Other activities to report this month. Very busy month compared to usual.

6) Old Business

  1. Update Aamodt Communication Plan/Material
    1. Gretchen Goff and Richard Fisher voiced their concern about The Board being neutral and not telling members what side they are on. Aamodt or stay TWA as we are? Randy re-stated the need for an informed vote not biased by The Board. Allen also explained that The Board has same per member vote power as everyone else and in order to be sure there are no issues later due to members claiming they were not informed properly and had they been they may of voted differently, we cannot sway opinion. It may cause members to disregard communications about Aamodt, pros / cons, etc and simply vote as The Board thinks. Reality is, The Board has no more information than members do, IF they have been paying attention to monthly communications sent in billing, or checking website. We try and get information out as we get it and not too much at once so as not to overwhelm or confuse anyone. Allen asked if Gretchen and Richard can help with ways to inform members that would be appreciated. Or try to get as many members they know to attend the monthly meetings, that would help too.
  2. Lisa asked about Commissioners meeting held 8-11-15 regarding negotiations between the County and the Pueblos to determine the Regional Water Board makeup and authorities in the management of the Regional Water System created by Aamodt.
    1. Randy explained negotiations have been underway and the approval of an extension indicated more time was needed. Under the draft agreement the Pueblo will determine the rate structure for all Pueblo users and the County determines the rate structure for everyone else. Sandry Ely is available at the County Satellite office in Pojoaque every Tuesday from 4-6PM to answer questions. She is the main point of contact for Aamodt project.

Sandra Ely

Project Manager III-Aamodt

Santa Fe County Utilities

Office: 505-986-2426

Mobile: 505-699-9577

Email: sely@santafecountynm.gov

  1. Allen explained his ideas of getting to core communications.
  2. Lisa brought up well owners and how it will affect them. Need to inform them too. Randy mentioned there are only possibly 4 Association Members that also are private well owners and they must also decide with regard to their private well.
  3. Robert and Randy reiterated outline of core concerns. Costs, quality, future costs, etc. Randy explained need to get out as much useful information as possible as there can be some items that may be useful to one individual and not to another.
  4. Robert explained he has had response that membership does appreciate the information. As far as suggestion to meet in smaller venues like people’s homes to get neighbors, it is a good idea and should be explored further. Need to find way to make that happen. Get people from different sectors so information can be disseminated.
  5. Mary-Helen Perea suggests to post signs announcing meetings. Post office, Corner of market, by school, etc. Ana says she can stamp “Immediate Attention Required” on envelopes to get more attention so members read the communication included. Randy replied all good ideas and we need to look into the signs possibility. Allen reminded that at the Annual Meeting. Michael, owner of Tesuque Valley Market, said he is fine with posting signs around TVM if needed.

7) New Business

  1. Approval of Membership Transfer (1563 Bishops Lodge Rd). Approve pending receipt of check, Randy motioned to approved. Robert seconded. All voted to approve. Transfer passed unanimously.
  2. Rudy explained hand-held meter reader did not read meters any more. Ana Called HD supply. They explained to reset by removing battery and replacing. No luck. New hand held requested. Quote not received yet. Best handheld to get per Rudy is not the unit Agua Fria uses as it does not work well. Robert suggests trying the new one before buying. Ana and Rudy will check if that’s possible. Cost of new one is approximately $6350.00?? Not totally confirmed yet.
  3. Ana asked if we can share our meter reader with Canoncito @ Apache Canyon MDWA. as they cannot afford a new one due to cost. Allen asked if they can split cost with us since they have about the same amount of members. Ana explained they have no money at all. County is taking them over. All agreed to allow them to use it until County takes over, as it’s only 1 day per month.
  1. Membership Certificate Project. Ana explained only Warranty Deed is really needed. Need Survey and Deed for properties to confirm and enable certificate. This will require task assignments to get completed. Need a plan to get this done.
  1. Succession Plan Discussion

Randy explained he serves at the pleasure of the board as long as he is required and voted in. Allen noted that we all do. Rudy and Ana are important assets. Who will do the work they provide if something were to happen to them? We “The Board” are concerned that membership will not be interested enough to keep The Board in place and moving forward in future based on general disinterest by most of the members. We hope that the membership has individuals to step forward to help to carry on. If vote is to remain the TMDWA, then a board will be needed to oversee it.  (Allen, suggest we make this very general with the objective being to have a plan in place for either temporary or permanent inability of persons in key positions to be backfilled.)

  1. Review Reserve Balances

Randy explained status for reserve accounts. He suggested to pay off loan amount to eliminate that debt and negative interest. Take money out of loan reserve, transfer to checking. Transfer Insurance reserve to checking to enable purchase of meter reader. Board approved plan to pay off outstanding loan.

  1. Allen motioned to close. Robert seconded, agreed. Closed Meeting at 7:48pm.

Next meeting September 9, 6PM at Tesuque Elementary Library.