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September 2015 Minutes

Tesuque Water Association (TWA) Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Board Members Present: Randolph Buckley, President; Marge Garcia-Loehr, Treasurer;

and Dominick De Santis.

Board Members Not Present: Allen Lewis, Secretary

Members Present: Rebecca Allahyari

Non-Members Present: None

Operator Present: Rudy Martinez

Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry

1)Regular Board Meeting called to Order 6:00pm

2) Verification of Quorum. Quorum

3) Approval of Minutes- August Meetings. All Board Members indicated they reviewed

and agreed to approve minutes.

4) Financial Report.

a. No unusual activity to report. Ana reported that the New Mexico State loan had

been paid off in full. Reported progress on The Aged Delinquent list over 90

days amount due to actions taken. Randy reported that $7000 had been

transferred from checking to Capital Improvement Reserve account consistent

with direction of Board at August meeting in conjunction with payoff of NM State


5) Water Operators Report

8/11/15 Satellite was off. Rebooted system

8/20/15 Cut in one meter

8/21/15 Locate on Tesuque Village Rd.

8/31/15 The meters were read and recorded on time.

Rudy reported problems over the past weekend with the Liquid Level controller on the

water tank that resulted in the tank overflowing. Contractor was addressing issue.

Randy reported that he had seen the original water well drilled in 1962 located on

Jiminez/Romero Road. The property on which the well is currently located is for sale. It

is not known at this time if the well has an easement on the property or Tesuque

MDWCA owns the land on which the small well building is located. Randy is looking

into this question. The well is not on production nor is it abandoned.

No Other activities to report this month.

6) Old Business

a) Discuss Aamodt Communication Plan/Material: Randy discussed progress on

the plan to communicate Aamodt information to Members. Initial 6

communications focused on the decision that must be made and important

information on the Regional Water System. Communication 7 began a focus on

the current state of the Tesuque MDWCA. When descriptive information has

been communicated on both alternatives, summary information will be provided

to compare the alternatives and provide a basis for arriving at a decision.

b) Discussed benefits of spending about $500 on signs that could be used to

communicate upcoming meetings of the Board. A majority argued that they

would not be effective in increasing participation at the meetings and therefore

the cost could not be justified. Conclusion was that no signs would be

purchased. Marge volunteered to make hand made signs for meetings.

c) Decided to send third follow-up letter to Members without Certificates requesting

a copy of their property survey and Deed of Trust to provide basis for issuing

Membership Certificate. Will resort to using Santa Fe County Appraisal records

to verify property ownership as backup. For those not captured by either of these

two approaches we will ask Members to execute a letter certifying that they own

property where service is being provided and are designated a Member with all

rights and obligations associated with Membership.

d) Discussed need to have a backup plan in place for key-operating positions in

case incumbent is not able to perform duties on a short term or long term basis.

Randy agreed to work with Dominick on developing a plan.

7) Motion to Close Meeting made and agreed.

Next meeting October 14, 2015 at 6PM at Tesuque Elementary Library.