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May 2015 Minutes

Tesuque Water Association (TWA) Meeting Minutes 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 

Board Members Present: Randolph Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; Allen Lewis, Secretary; Dominick De Santis.

Board Members Not Present: Marge Garcia-Loehr, Treasurer

Members Present: Olivia Ortega

Non-Members Present:

Operator Present:

Bookkeeper Present:

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randolph Buckley verified a quorum at 6:10p.m.

Approval of Minutes from April 8, 2015 Meeting: Approved Minutes.


  1. Financial Report sent previously by Ana Berry. Nothing unusual to report.
    1. Ana will work with Marge to activate overdraft protection on accounts as needed.
    2. Leak not caused by and unbeknownst to member until discovered had been flowing for an unknown time was reported at member’s home causing large bill. Consistent with usual practice, Randy motioned to use previous year’s same time frame usage for the bill rather than the unexpectedly large bill, Robert seconded, all voted. Motion passed.
  1. Water Operator’s report
    1. 4/3/15 The meters were read and recorded on time.
    2. 4/8/15 Met with Randy Buckley and Wayne Jeffs DWB to conduct a sanitary survey on the water system.
    3. 4/10/15 The system alarm was on but all was good. Acknowledged the alarm.
    4. 4/22/15 The satellite system shut down. Rebooted the system and it worked fine. Also met with Dominic De Santis to review the system and try to find the reason for the alarm going off.
    5. 4/24/15 Installed the hydrant locks and also locked the electronic boxes at the well.
    6. No Other activities to report this month. Other than the alarm has not gone off since April 10, even though the rain storms we have had.
  2. Continued reports light blinking at well house.
    1. Rudy checks twice a day to see if any problems to report. Dominic checked and reported the relays re-activate after a power outage and caused light to turn on to alert power had been out. Due to so many false alarms it is recommend disconnecting since Rudy does the checking twice daily anyway. Motioned by Randy to disconnect, Seconded by Allen Lewis. All voted and passed.
  3. Old Business
    1. Follow up on activities.
      1. Water History Project. Mr. Jimenez not able to attend meeting. At this point this project is stalled, possibly dead.
      2. Hydrant locks installed as mention in Operator’s Report. Appear to be very stout and should protect against unauthorized hydrant water use.
    2. Water system inspection.
      1. Kudos to Rudy and Ana on passing inspection beautifully. Only recommendation is that tank be painted.
    3. New Business.
      1. ByLaws flyer has prompted some questions from concerned and confused members that Robert answered. For future Robert suggests the inclusions in billing have better summary in simpler terms to help explain.
      2. The initial set of Aamodt FAQ’s must be completed so they can be sent to members via May and June billing. Olivia Ortega suggested no more than 6 to max 10 Q & A on page per billing to avoid information overload or confusion. Allen suggested updated contact information request on billing so information can be disseminated better. Randy will check with Ana to include.
      3. Robert suggested asking on front top bill portion that is sent in with payment to ask if there are any questions comments about Aamodt and to reply on the back. Randy will check with Ana.
      4. Robert suggests we send initial set of Q&A before the July 8th general meeting so we can review and work through them during meeting. Suggest to members to attend monthly meetings, get on Aamodt website for more information. Randy re-iterated possibly having smaller local meetings to help inform the approximately 100 members.
    4. Website upgrades. Allen is working on learning the WordPress Blog software.
      1. Aamodt comment section to enable members to enter concerns.
      2. Checking on newly available templates to possibly change format.
      3. Make it as informative as possible so members with computer access are more inclined to check the site.
      4. Password protect and send password to members via billing to eliminate spam and keep it private to the members and Water Board. This is also a good idea due to water system infrastructure, usage and meeting topics that are of no concern to outside public and could pose security risks.
  1. Randy motioned and Robert seconded to adjourn. All agreed.

Adjournment: 7:25p.m.

Next meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.