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February Minutes – 2015



Tesuque Water Association (TWA) Meeting Minutes 

Wednesday, Ferb 11, 2015 

Board Members Present: Robert Martinez, Vice-President; Marge Garcia-Loehr, Treasurer; Allen Lewis, Secretary; and, Dominick De Santis.

Members Present:

Non-Members Present:

Operator Present:

Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Robert Martinez verified a quorum.

Approval of Minutes from October 11, 2014, Meeting: Approved after reading of the Minutes.


1. Financial Report by Ana. Nothing outstanding to note.

2. Water Operator’s report via email.

a. Rudy Martinez reports no unusual activity past two months. System working fine. A few locate requests and one complaint of no water but problem was a frozen pipe on member’s property.

b. El Nido, Anthony Odai, has not responded to Rudy about fire suppression service inspection to ensure no back-flow to system issue. A board member needs to remind Mr. Odai of this requirement.

3. Old Business

a. History project. Robert Martinez still trying to meet with Mr. Jose Jimenez. Robert suggested to have Mr. Jimenez invited to a get-together with the board, possibly with refreshments and a question and answer session. As Mr. Jimenez’s health has not been good recently time for that has been tentatively set for April or May.

b. Status of fire hydrant locks. Not yet done per Rudy. Dominick reiterated that he would be happy to help with the locks.

c. Road condition re-visit. Marge asked about what is to be done about the road that keeps getting graded lower and sand pushed up on the sides. How close to water supply pipes is it getting? Need to bring dirt back in or maybe gravel.

d. State Auditor’s report.

i. Ana applied for and received $15,200.00 from Office of the State Auditor to put towards the 2010-2013 procedures. Tesuque MDWA will have to pay for 2014 report totaling about $3,800. Board voted and passed allowing payment of the 2014 procedures report.

ii. Ana Berry requests $25 hourly fee for preparation of needed documents plus time needed for meetings with James Marcias before and after completing reports to be in compliance with the State required procedures. Ana estimates it will be at least one week in-between her normal duties to complete all that is needed to be in compliance with 2010-2013. Board asked that Ana keep written time-sheet records of her time spent on this project and during required meetings. Allen motioned, board approved agreement to pay $25 hourly fee based on the written records.

4. New Business.

a. Robert Martinez suggested we start looking at water pipes and overall system infrastructure to be proactive in ensuring system is in good shape.

i. Allen Lewis suggested Rudy Martinez help ID oldest sections of pipe and fixtures first and start replacing if and as needed to update over time.

ii. Robert Martinez suggested we look at water storage tank, valves and all related equipment to be sure all is in order and replace suspect parts that may fail.

iii. Marge suggested we brainstorm with Rudy to make a checklist of most needed first and Dominick suggested we look at preventative maintenances needs and get estimates for repair/replacement to learn what we can tackle based on budget.

iv. All board members agree that being proactive is less cost than reactive should something fail and cause further damage.

v. Marge stated that much of this decision should be based on what the future of the TMDWA is in relation to the Aamodt Settlement. Allen checked and according to Sep 2014 minutes, design stage should be completed by now.


5. Robert Martinez motioned and Board approved to adjourn.


Next meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.