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November Minutes – 2014


Wednesday, November 11, 2014



Board Members Present: Randy Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; Dominick De Santis.


Members Present: None


Non-Members Present: None


Operator Present: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from October 8, 2014, Meeting: Approved




1.  Ana Berry reviewed the Profit & Loss Report for October 2014; the Profit & Loss Report from January through October 2014; the Profit & Loss Budget v. Actual for October 2014; Board confirmed support to apply for State funding to assist in cost of conducting financial audit of Association.

2.  Randy Buckley handed out a Tesuque Water Association Water Usage chart, a Sold Miss versus Pumped chart and an Account Receivable Aging chart through October 2014.

3. Rudy gave Operator report for October.  Meters were read a few days late due to problem with Data Reader software.  One alarm reported that was reset with no problem indicated.  No other activities to report.  Rudy committed to installing the fire hydrant locks by mid November.  Randy asked Rudy to inspect the fire suppression piping equipment installed at El Nido for conformance with Association requirements.

4.  Randy reported that our attorney is working on specific language for inclusion in our foundation documents to give Association the right to dissolve if the Membership elects to join PBRWS.  Language will also include changes to voting rules to allow vote by mailed ballot.  Both changes would need to be approved by Membership.

5.  Regarding the development of TWA’s history, Robert Martinez stated he is continuing to work with Jose Jimenez on developing this oral history of the Association.

6. Ana Berry discussed the basis for the 2015 Budget she developed for adoption by the Board.  After discussion the Budget was approved

7.  The Board reaffirmed its previous decision to pay off in full the outstanding balance of the USDA loan.

8.  Randy proposed approval of revised contract rates for our two Contractors (Ana Berry and Rudy Martinez) and the Board approved the revised contracts.

9.  It was proposed and approved that the next Board Meeting will be February 11, 2015







The next meeting will take place on Wednesday February 11, 2015, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.