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October Minutes – 2014

TWD BOARD MEETING – October 8, 2014

Tesuque Elementary School


1)   Call to Order

6:08 pm



2)   Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Verified by Randy


Board members present: Randolph Buckley, Robert Martinez, Domenick De Santis, and Marge Garcia Loehr.


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Operator: Rudy not in attendance


Members Present: none



3)   Financial Report

Marge distributed copies of the Year-to-Date P&L report, September P&L report and September P&L Budget vs. Actual report.


Randy asks Ana to request current statements for the two TWD loan accounts with balances to make a decision on benefits of early pay-off of one or both loans.


Board approves $10,000 be moved from our regular checking account to our capital improvement account so we can earn a bit of interest.


Board approves the TWD membership to Lisa Bide from the previous property owner.


The board discusses the possibility of terminating membership to a member for lack of payment. Randy will call our Attorney to discuss sending a 30- day notice and letter of intent to cancel members memberships and remove his TWD water hook-ups (at his expense) unless he brings his account up to date.



a)    Audit Update


Randy reports that he spoke with Christina regarding funds that may be available to help pay for the extensive audit required for state funding.

Ana followed up on this subject with the State and found that $150,000.00 was allocated for this purpose, but the state audit office says it won’t be available until some time in 2015. Ana believes it is best to wait to do the audit when these funds are available, because they will not allow funds to pay for audits retroactively.

Because of the full audit’s delay, Randy expresses the need for a simple financial and procedural audit of our accounting. The board agrees. Marge will contact QuickBooks CPA, Phyllis Prantzer in Santa Fe to see if she can help us with this.

4)   Water Operators Report –

Rudy is not present to give report.   Randy will speak to the County Road Department on October 9th regarding the grading process on Arroyo Griego. His concern is that all the sand that is being graded down stream after a rain is bringing our water pipes dangerously close to the surface and are subject to potential damage by the weight of vehicles and freezing.



5)   Old Business –

a)    Follow-up on Activities

i) Discussion of Proposed Changes to Organize Documents

Randy has spoken to the TWD attorney to revise the language of our By-laws and Articles of Incorporation to allow for the TWD to dissolve in the event the membership votes to go with the Aamodt system.


Various member-voting processes with the objective of increasing member voting regarding the Aamodt Settlement are discussed, including a mail-in system and the verification of votes.


                     ii) Development of TWA History Communication

Robert reports he is still working with an old time member and is

making progress but it is slow going.

                     iii) Fire Hydrant Lock

                             Rudy is not available to report


iv) Aamodt Settlement

Part of this report is in section 4.a.1 above. Randy learned from Christina that the time for voters to decide to join or not to join the Pojuaque Basin Regional Water System will not come earlier than settlement of the objections to the Settlement are resolved by the Courts.


Meeting adjourned at 7:13 pm