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August Minutes – 2014


Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Board Members Present: Randy Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary; and, James F. Brooks, Treasurer.


Members Present:  Gretchen Goff


Operator Present: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from July 10, 2013, Meeting: Approved after reading of the Minutes.




  1. Ana Berry handed out the Profit & Loss Reports for June and July, 2013, the Profit & Loss Reports from January through July, 2013, and the bank account report for the period ending August 14, 2013.
  2. James F. Brooks handed out the Reserve Accounts balances report.
  3. Customer No. 46 has an overdue account.  Ana Berry is going to send this customer a Demand for Payment letter.
  4. Rudy Martinez read and recorded all the water meters for July, 2013.  There was also a water leak reported on El Nido Lane, which required the leak to be repaired on the main next to 16 El Nido Lane meter.  The service was also leaking at the main and was all p.v.c. with no corporation stop (shutoff valve at lateral/main connection point).  Rudy replaced service and installed a corporation stop at main. Rudy was not able to remotely check the water system, so he physically checked it and could not reboot or start up the system.  He called Paragon Electric to replace the Program Logic Controller (PLC), which was burnt out.
  5. Randy Buckley will work with Richard Fisher to add a section for operational information for ready access by the Board and staff.
  6. Randy Buckley, James F. Brooks and Ana Berry will work together to ensure our important documents are secure and accessible to current and future Board Members and staff.  The maintenance and accessibility of the maps are included in this activity.
  7. Robert Martinez gave the Board an update on the elimination of interconnections of private wells to TWA’s well, stating there are only three (3) customers who have told him their private wells are connected to the Association’s distribution system.  Randy Buckley suggested Robert prepare a draft of a letter to customers reiterating the hazards of having their private well interconnected to TWA’s distribution system.  Robert is going to give Rudy Martinez the names of the customers who have a private well so that they can visit with each customer to determine the complexity and cost of severing their interconnection.  Based upon this information, the Board will discuss the process and potential incentives for severing them.
  8. Randy Buckley prepared an Emergency Response Plan for the TWA Water System, which is undergoing final review by Rudy.
  9. Randy Buckley proposed the election of Officers be the same as last year.  James F. Brooks made a motion to this end and the Board voted and approved it.
  10. Gretchen Goff suggested the Board consider the need for a second well, since restoring the old well is believed to not be possible. She believes TWA needs a second well to provide ongoing water service if the current well fails. The Board agreed they would check the status of the current well and James F. Brooks will inquire as to the reason the inactive water well is no longer active.
  11. Randy Buckley handed out a paragraph from the executed Aamodt Agreement regarding Mutual Domestic Water Consumer Associations in the Pojoaque Basin having the right, but not the obligation, to discontinue well use and connect to the CWU as soon as such service is available.  Gretchen Goff also stated that TWA could increase its water rights by applying for return flow credits through the State Engineer’s Office.  Randy indicated the State Engineer’s Office had indicated they would not approve return credits for septic systems.  Randy agreed to further explore the potential use by TWA of this provision of the law, as well as the potential of leasing water rights.
  12. James F. Brooks is to review the scope of the proposed future audit and make recommendations on the areas TWA needs to address in advance of the audit.
  13. Randy Buckley believes TWA should recruit new members.  Randy asked Robert Martinez to work with him to prepare a notice stating TWA is looking for new members.
  14. Randy Buckley will pursue securing help from the County of Santa Fe to evaluate the impact of a water rate change on current members and TWA’s income.




The next meeting of the TMDWA Board will take place on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.