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July Minutes – 2014


Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Board Members Present: Randy Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; James F. Brooks, Treasurer; Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary; and, Marge Garcia-Loehr.


Members Present: Richard Fisher, Juan M. Bustamante, Gretchen Goff, Sally Cleaver, Dominick De Santis, Myssie Acomb and Allen Lewis.


Non-Members Present:


Operator Present: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from June 11, 2014, Meeting: Approved after reading of the Minutes.




1. James F. Brooks handed out the bank balance sheets for TWA’s different bank accounts.

2. Ana Berry handed out the Profit & Loss Report for June, 2014; the Profit & Loss Report from January through June, 2013; the Profit & Loss Budget v. Actual for June, 2014; the Well History Summary Report, dated July 9, 2014; 3. Randy Buckley handed out a Tesuque Water Association Water Usage chart, and a Sold Miss as $ Pumped chart.

4. Ana Berry read the Open Meetings Act, 2004-1. The Board voted and approved the Open Meetings Act.

5. Randy Buckley spoke about TWA’s past year’s accomplishments, including its project to eliminate any interconnection between private wells and TWA’s community well. Robert Martinez and Rudy Martinez have been working to identify any interconnections and develop plans to insure there are no private wells connected to TWA’s water system. Also, TWA has submitted its Emergency Plan to the State of New Mexico. In prior meetings, the Board had discussed the merits of a TWA audit. After discussions with members at this meeting, the Board voted and approved to have an audit done. Ana Berry commented that audits are usually done every three (3) years. She also said that the State of New Mexico has allocated approximately $60,000.00 to help small water associations for such audits. She stated that the New Mexico Water Trust Board has money for small water associations in emergency situations, such as needing a new water tank or new water lines.

6. Randy also spoke about working with TWA’s attorney, Christina Bruff, with regard to the Aamodt matter. TWA has the option to remain independent or join the County of Santa Fe Regional Water System. TWA recently filed a statement wherein TWA would not protest the water rights to the Pueblos.

7. TWA has been working on the water loss issue of recent months. There was a 196,000 gallon water loss in January, 2014. In June, 2014, the water loss drastically decreased to only a 2% loss. TWA surmises that someone was taking TWA’s water illegally from one or more of our fire hydrants. Rudy Martinez is currently installing fire hydrant locks on the seven (7) fire hydrants to stop this from happening again.

8. Robert Martinez gave an update on the development of TWA’s history by Jose Jimenez. Mr. Jimenez is working on the history.

8. Robert also reported that over the past year the County of Santa Fe has been working on the takeover of several mutual domestic water associations. At the present time, TWA knows they will be taking over Chupadero and Cañoncito’s water systems. Member participation at the monthly meetings is crucial to show the County of Santa Fe TWA is a member strong mutual domestic water system.

9. Randy wanted to recognize Maria C. Bustamante, the Secretary, and James F. Brooks, Treasurer, for all their work on TWA’s Board. Randy made a motion to elect Allen Lewis and Dominick De Santis to TWA’s Board. The Members present voted and approved the addition of these two (2) gentlemen to the Board.

10. James F. Brooks made a motion and the Board voted and approved to adjourn the 2014 Annual Meeting.





The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.