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May Minutes – 2014


Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Board Members Present: Randy Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; James F. Brooks, Treasurer; and, Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary.


Members Present: Richard Fisher


Non-Members Present:


Operator Present: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from April 9, 2014, Meeting: Approved after reading of the Minutes.




1.  Ana Berry handed out the Profit & Loss Report for April, 2014; the Profit & Loss Report from January through April, 2013; the Profit & Loss Budget v. Actual for April, 2014; the Well History Summary Report, dated May 5, 2014; and, the Aged Delinquent List, dated May 12, 2014.

2.  Rudy Martinez reported the meters were read and recorded on schedule and that the system had no issues or problem in April 2014.  The satellite system is also functioning well.  Rudy stated he met with Dominic of the New Mexico Rural Water Association regarding the water loss we have been experiencing the last several months.  Rudy gave Dominic a review of TWA’s entire water system.

3.  Randy handed out a TWA Water Usage chart, a Sold Miss as % Pumped chart and an Account Receivable Aging chart.

4.  James F. Brooks gave the Board a sheet showing all the balances of TWA’s several banks accounts.

5.  Randy Buckley spoke to Rudy Martinez about fabricating a fire hydrant lock so that TWA’s water cannot be used without its permission.  The Bureau of Land Management and a survey company wants to use Rudy as an water expert on the TWA water system related to the design of the Aamodt Settlement created Regional Water System.  The Board agreed TWA would pay Rudy for his time in this matter, then bill BLM and/or the survey company.

6.  Randy Buckley handed out a list of the Association’s Initiatives since July 2012.  He went through each initiative item explaining what is being done or should be done on each.  Currently, the most important thing to do is gather information for a pre-audit; the second is the rental of a storage unit for all of TWA’s files; and, the third is to work on an Aamodt communication plan.

7.  Robert Martinez reported there are currently four (4) interconnections with TWA’s water system.  Rudy Martinez agreed to inspect each interconnection and report his recommendations on severing the interconnection to the Board.

8.  Randy Buckley asked Ana Berry if it was possible to use our accounting system to test various water rate schedules against actual user data from all of 2013 to evaluate the impacts of each rate schedule on our members. She will report on this at the next meeting.

9.  Robert Martinez agreed he would gather water conservation pamphlets from the New Mexico State Engineer’s Office so that Ana Berry can include them with the next billing.

10.  Robert Martinez also agreed to speak with Gretchen Goff, Joaquin Montoya and Jose Jimenez about developing the history of TWA from its inception for use as a communication for the Aamodt Communication Plan.





The next meeting of the TMDWCA Board will take place on Wednesday, June 14, 2014, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.