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April Minutes – 2014


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Board Members Present:   Randy Buckley, President;  Robert Martinez, Vice-President;

Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary; and, Marge Garcia-Loehr


Members Present:  Gretchen Goff, Richard Fisher, Diana and Nick DeSantis, Mary Helen Perea, Nick Nieto and Juan Ortega, Jr.


Non-Members Present:  Christina Bruff, Esquire


Operator Present:  Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present:  Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum:  Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from March 12, 2014, Meeting:  Approval after reading of the Minutes,




  1.   Christina Bruff, the Association’s attorney, made a special presentation regarding the

Aamondt settlement.  For your information, the Aamondt Settlement Agreement is available for viewing

at www.tesuquewater.com  Ms. Bruff answered many questions regarding the settlement.  Ms. Bruff

stated there is a pending Order to Show Cause that is geared toward the Pueblos’ water rights.  She

reminded us that the Association’s community well permit was issued in 1962, fifty-two (52) years ago!

Some questions to Ms. Bruff had to do with the letter some members received from

the State of New Mexico, Office of The State Engineer, asking them to accept or

object to the proposal Partial Final Judgement and Decree and to the Settlement

Agreement regarding the water rights of the Pueblos Nambe, Pojoaque, San

Ildefanso and Tesuque.  Ms. Bruff prepared a letter and was sent by the Association

to its members that our intent is not to protest the Aamondt settlement terms.  The

Association is not required at this time to make an election between the options

available to the Association as to whether it remains an independent water association

or agrees to join the Regional Water System when it become available.  Ms. Bruff

believes the Association should recognize the asset value of its water rights, maintain

its strong infrastructure and keep a solid financial basis for future improvements.  If the

Association works independent of the Regional Water System, it will be fairly easier to

receive grants for capital improvements.

Ms. Bruff stated she would alert our Senators and Representatives on the Aamondt

Settlement, as well as the Association’s strong management structure, since politics

drives the decisions made.  Ms. Bruff said the Court has until September 15, 2017, to

enter a Partial Final Decree on the matter.  She strongly urged the Board to review and

modify its By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation to allow the Association to make the

final decision to remain independent or join the Regional Water System when it

becomes available.

2.  Ana Berry handed out the Profit & Loss Report for March, 2014, the Profit & Los

Budget vs.  Actual for March, 2014, the Well History Summary Report dated April 2,

2014, the Profit & Loss Report from January through March, 2014, and the Aged

Delinquent List.

3.  Rudy Martinez reported the water meters were read and recorded on schedule for

the month of March, 2014.  He stated the water system had no issues or problems in

March.  Also, the system, the controls and the satellite system were working fine.

There was only one “cut off” for no payment in March.




The next meeting of the TMDWCA Board will take place on Wednesday, May 14, 2014,

beginning @ 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.