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MINUTES- July 2008

TWA Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Dick Belian (vice president), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher, Micaela Shultis,


Employees of TWA Present: Rudy Martinez (operator) and Ana Berry (bookkeeper)



Call Meeting to Order: Announcement of guests from Environmental Dept. and Mr. Cisneros, Principal of Tesuque Elementary School.


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Six community members – quorum established.


Approval of Agenda: Motion to accept agenda with no changes.


Approval of 2007 Minutes: Changes to 2007 Annual Meeting minutes: Not Philip Carter but Jacob Miez of J and J Utilities and charged $200 per month. Minutes accepted with noted change.




Operator Report (Rudy Martinez): Goal since began work for the TWA in October 2007: To read all meters with 100% accuracy — not there yet — but close.


1. To better read the meters dug dirt out around some meters; in some cases, gates still hampered access. With the cold winter, a few frozen meters and lines but all system-owned lines thawed out by operator on same day, but some member-owned lines remained frozen for days, even weeks. A 2 inch line froze on Arroyo Griego – probably for a few months – and then when thawed about 20 ft. of line shattered, and then same line suffered a other breaks.


2. Tank emptied out once when a gasket blew.


3. Tank overflowed once, by the time Rudy arrived from another job, pump shut down by itself.


4. TWA is now part of the NM One Call System.


5. Removed razor wire from around pump house and tank enclosures for safety and aesthetics.


6. Replaced five meters with radio read meters, and ordered meters for all of the rest. Radio reads will take less time to read and it will be possible to download readings directly into billing system. Greater accuracy. 100% radio read with exception of school which has a new larger meter which would be more expensive to replace. (When the school next needs a new meter, then TWA should purchase a radio meter.)


7. Tank inspected and black sediment found. About four inches of sediment  — probably manganese — and unfortunately also stuck to walls and contract to include tank did not include walls where approx. a half inch still stuck to tank. Waiting on proposals for wall cleaning. Also, rust had already broken through the paint. If we do this about every five years tank can be preserved for a longtime. Epoxy on rust spots. Tank cleaning and epoxy can be done while tank filled this will be a two day job. Tank replacement +/-$2.50/gallon =$125 K versus $1.00/gallon a few years ago. With good maintenance, our tank could last for years/decades. One estimate for $5700 for cleaning and epoxy repairs; and another estimate still outstanding. (Work that must be contracted out is more expensive. Rudy does all work when feasible.)


8. No chlorine added to tank since Rudy working with us and no problem bacteria in any of the monthly tests.


Financial Report (Jaime Painter): Packets handed out to all attendees of annual meeting include financials for TWA. Last year, the TWA lost $19,000, primarily due to repairs and to a lesser extent cost of fencing around well at Glenn Green Galleries. Projected loss if rates not raised was $22,000 for the next year so rates raised.


1. Rates: Our analysis projects that we will surpass the break even point. The Board assumed that with age of system we will continue to need to make extensive repairs. This was the first rate increase in 30 years. We benchmarked our rates to other associations in the area and compared to the other five considered our rates were lower, but we are fairly confident they will keep us in good standing.


2. Year to date still losing money but repairs underway. Rudy has been key in finding contractors at more reasonable rates than in past. Question: Who wasn’t getting paid when in the red? Answer: No one. Paradoxically, we have $28,000 in the bank so relying on money accrued for Aamodt expenses and interest on a loan. We still owe about $28,000 on prior USDA loan and coincidentally we will owe about $6000 to $7000 a year on loan of about $28,000 for new meters.


New Website for TWA (Richard Fisher): http://h20Tesuque.org. Space for news such as information about new meters or winterizing home. Cost about $100 per year. Ana will put website on bills. Feedback will be possible via website. Rebecca will send Richard Rules and Regulations, bylaws, and minutes to post on website.


Environmental Dept: Jeff Canney and representatives from Environmental Dept., for loan made a ceremonial presentation of check for new loan and brought a cake and punch to the meeting. Karen Giegos Director of Water and Waste Water Bureaus (a new division that merges two bureaus to help organizations such as TWA move through loan application process and improve infrastructure). Executive order by Gov. Richardson demonstrates the commitment to customer service excellence in the two formerly separate bureaus. “This is the fun part of my job, to get out in the communities we serve.” Ceremonial signing of check.


Old Business


Consumer Confidence Report (Rudy Martinez): All members received report with July billing. Testing occurs quarterly, bi-annually, and some only every three years. Only four contaminants tested for this year and all well below regulation levels. Rudy will check to see when nitrates (septic concern) last tested.




Questions from Membership: Robert Martinez had a bill that shot up last month. He worked with Rudy to look for leak and it seems he has a smallish leak. Rudy thinks maybe a 400 gallon/month leak. But, this raised other concerns about new meters and shared household access to TWA water. Robert has a well and switches between the well and TWA water dependent on flow from well. Researched gallons of TWA water used and it has been pretty consistent. Isolated leak to the point that it seems to be where the two systems meet. Estimate was that to replace the actual plumbing would be $9000. Robert’s house and his sister’s house are both served by TWA water via one meter at Robert’s house. A total of nine people between Robert’s house and to his sister’s house have been using the TWA water fro years; both are billed via Robert’s meter. Robert requested that with new meters, his sister’s house be metered separately Rudy estimates the cost for a meter at the sister’s house to be $1200 and up, depending cost of locating her line.. Robert would cover cost of the approximately $1200 to add the meter; this would cost him far less than running new line from sister’s house all the way down to main line. Typically the two houses have used approx. 17,000 gallons per month. New member fee per R&Rs is $1000 but would Roberts’ sister be a new member? Regulatory question begs the board’s consideration. Gretchen suggested we take this up again at our next meeting.





New Business  www.fishertinworks.com


Replacement of Meters: Already covered.


Loan for Meters from State of New Mexico: Meters were ordered this morning and invoice will be sent to state. We will owe about $300 out of pocket for taxes. The meters will ship August 22nd. If the meter company can train Ana and Rudy for Canoncito and Tesuque at same time, cost for training may be reduced.


Tesuque Elementary Principle – Mr. Cisneros: The Tesuque Elementary is community school and welcomes our using the building. Gretchen extended our appreciation for use of the building.


Agreement with El Nido Restaurant: Agreement signed by El Nido and turned over to Office of State Engineer for verification of turning over water rights.


Cleaning of Tank: Already covered.


Repairs of Road: Gretchen sent letter to Larry Montoya about urgency of building of road and TWA attorney has called to follow-up. Some work took place yesterday. There was an individual that proposed paving Arroyo Griego several years ago, along with Pacheco Canyon.


Return Flow Credits: Our attorney thinks we are a good candidate for return flow credits that would increase our water allotment. Tom Turrney, formerly of State Engineer’s office, will consult about necessary investment to make our case.


La Cienaga and Pump Failure (Jamie Painter): What shape is our pump in? What shape is the other well and pump in? Rudy on condition of other well: Everything disconnected and abandoned. Juan had Kuckleman look at it and they reported it in running shape. Pump should be above the screens so if pulling water from bottom it cools off. Other major problem with pumps is sand. How long is that pump good for? Rudy can’t predict. It’s a small well compared to those of city of Santa Fe, for example. Rudy is uncertain why La Cienaga had to go to California for a pump. Distributors in Albuquerque probably would be able to supply TWA with a new pump. Gretchen believes she has information on when installed and then Rudy could more easily explore replacement options so we have this information in case of a failure pump.


Low Level Warning System (Rudy): Al Parker will stop by to explore what it would take to provide a warning. Dick Belian suggests LEDs on target and top of tank visible from road. Rudy suggests a flashing light that warns tank has gone below a certain level. A solar panel could power that flashing light. Rudy will follow-up on this.


Next meeting on August 13 at the Tesuque Elementary School.