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MINUTES – October 2008

Meeting Oct 8, 2008


Started approx. 7:19 PM   Present; Gretchen, Jamie, Rudy, Ana & Mickey


Sam Griego could not attend our meeting. He has had a lot of water problems in the past 3 months. Some part of the leak was fixed but he continues to lose water @ 8/10 of  gal. per minute.  His water bill was $136.17 he asked for an adjustment. He was to have the the leak fixed completely before the board would consider adjusting his water bill.


Delay Return Flow until next meeting.


Operators Report- see Rudy’s reports. Went over disconnect list.


Charles Watkins  -may have to have his patio dug up to replace his meter with a new radio read meter. The pipeline runs under his patio. Homeowner built his patio over the water lines. The hole would need to be dug by Rudy with a shovel. There is no room for a back hoe. The water line is plastic so the water line can not be detected by a metal detector.  So there would be digging around to find the water line. Who is responsible for the cost?? At one time the homeowner asked the previous board (Jack or Jaun?) to move the water line. Homeowner said that he would pay for the cost to move the water line. The previous board did not move the water line, so the homeowner built over the water lines. There maybe written proof about this? Seems to be word-of-mouth?


Wells:  All domestic wells should be disconnected as a water source for human consumption. It is the law. A letter will be drafted read, & approved by the board & sent out in the next mailing to all members. Ana will type a letter up for the board to read.


Winterizing Meters: The meters need to kept clean & dry. The bottom of the of the can/shaft should be bare dirt, thus allowing heat from the earth to keep the meter from freezing. The top (lid area) needs to have some form of insulation to trap the heat in to keep the meter from freezing. Some other domestics use a styrofoam circle shaped cover for insulation. But Rudy does not recommend using those for our water system. He is looking into a better way to insulate the meters. Next meeting he will let us know what he has found out. All the water meters need to be winterized.


Ana: Shut offs, see her list. Karl Sommer was contacted twice about paying his bill. He said that he would pay but still has not paid his water bill. Jamie will call him regarding his water bill.

Morgen, Olivia. She lives out of town. her meter was covered up with gravel. Rudy had to clear out the gravel & then dig up her meter to clean the canister out which holds the meter. Her meter has been covered up for some time now. She requested an adjustment to her water bill, because she lives out of town & did not know what was going on with her meter situation. Board denied her request.


Olivia Ortega- requested a “no access fee” be removed from her bill. See her note. Board approved


Glen Green-needs to remove tree debris by Oct.17th, if the debris is removed, he will have the $200.00 fee waved. Ana will speak to the Greens about this. If the above is followed through, they would have a  $200.00 credit applied to their water bill.


I.C.I.P. Report:  (Ana reported) ICIP was sent in on Sept. 26th 2008. The money would replace our water pipes, tank & well over a four year period. The amount requested $278,907.00 each year for a total of $1,587,810.00

Thanks Ana & Gretchen!


Oct. 29th Harry Montoya 10:00AM. See email for details.


Rudywill get a phone # for a Water Bufflo in Espanola, should our tank run dry.


Back Up Plan: Ana has a DVD on how to set this up. If an emergency happens there is a chain of command to follow. Most other domestic water systems have an emergency plan in place.


Meeting Adjourned


Next meeting Nov.12 2008 7pm