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MINUTES – December 2008

TWA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 13 December 2008



Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Dick Belian (vice president), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher



No Employees of TWA Present: Rudy Martinez (operator) and Ana Berry (bookkeeper) unable to attend



1. Call Meeting to Order: Verification of Quorum.


2. Motion to approve the minutes from November meeting. Approved.


3. Member Concerns.

A. Sam Griego: Water adjustment per Anna Berry should be $136.17. 


B. Olivia Morgan: Complaint about bill to uncover meter. Ana Berry suggested we delay billing. Olivia Morgan’s property managers for rental apparently did not clarify with Olivia Morgan. Will discuss at next meeting when Ana Berry is here.


4. Ana Berry: Not present because working on computer synchronization with meters. 

A. Income surveys: No updates on survey returns; at last report, seven surveys returned. Concern for finding granting sources. Should board members interview domestic mutual’s that have obtained grants for insights? Ron Romero thinks we should ask for some planning money toward the $1.5 millions for line replacements. Should we re-send form? 


B. Insurance in effect, with board liability. In February, combined into one policy.



5. Legal Bill:

Legal bill ($10,000): Christina approved paying off monthly, $1000/month. Suggestion from Rebecca that we billed monthly or quarterly and that we have an understanding of how we are being billed. We paid $6,000 for Aamodt with money remaining and an additional $4,000 for more recent work. Christina and Nate believe we might still work a deal with the county for co-ownership and replacement of lines. Questions about whether they would gain claims to our water rights or leverage to take-over our system. If county part-owner, and Aamodt goes through, are we more vulnerable? 


6. Return Flow Credits: 

State engineer’s office grants return flow credits. Management might change with Richardson’s move. Legislature may change how return flow credits are granted. 



7. El Nido: How can we move this forward?

TWA hasn’t heard anything from El Nido. Christina reports that contract sitting on El Nido’s desk. 



8. Unfinished Business

Road Repair: Lonny Montoya reported that county has money to build-up and then asphalt road this fall through projects committee. Christina Buff and Tom Turney (return flow) will come next month to talk about getting grant for pipe repair as Christina thinks this should happen before road work. 


9. Proposal to restructure rates:

Dick Belian will Example of 90 gallons above 3000 gallons, and entire bill jumps to next tier. Dick Belian will propose to restructure. Gretchen noted that our loan requires rate evaluation. 





Next Meeting: Wednesday, 14 January at 7pm