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MINUTES – May 2009

TWA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Dick Belian, Mickey Shultis, Richard Fisher


Employees of TWA Present: Ana Berry (bookkeeper)


1. Call to Order


2. Verification of quorum


3. Approval of April minutes: Approved.


4. Reports

Operators: Rudy Martinez per Ana working has one system without water —  nothing to report and all fine.


Finances: In July, TWA will no longer have expense of $1,000/month to attorney. Soon, we will hear from Janet Hugi with Construction Programs Bureau as to their assessment of our rates. Perhaps these rates aren’t adequate. Jamie notes, however, that summer revenue may address situation. Also, El Nido will pay TWA $5,000 for new membership.


Loan ( 20-year loan for radio read equipment & software): The State’s loan limit amount was $34,498.50. We have used all but $500 of it. Rather than spend the remaining $500, we will set the loan amount to $34,498.50. The first payment is due April 16, 2010. We have optional methods to make the payments: monthly payments or a single annual payment. Jamie will explore ways to set money aside (reserve it) in interest account and pay the loan on its annual due dates.


Water Cutoffs: TVM on shut-off list. Finance charges may entice TVM to catch-up on bill.


Board Members: Mickey will be moving this Friday to ranch in Pojoaque.



5. Old Business

Survey – New Results & Further Action:

New median has dropped from $35,200 to $31,020 with six new survey results following personal contact after last meeting. This ‘might qualify us for a partial grant with loan.’


Stimulus Money: Ranked very low because no environmental paperwork done and no concrete plans. New Mexico Finance Authority is accepting apps. this June for grants that we might qualify for to use for ‘pre-planning’ money. Ana believes we might need ‘matching funds.’ Gretchen will meet with Melanie Delgado to explore our options.


El Nido: Per Christina Bruff, nothing new. Christina tells they are in a hurry to get this done. Inclusion of El Nido in our mutual domestic will increase our water rights and revenue, without an increase in our cost.



6. New business


June Meeting Cancelled: Board may skip two meetings per year and in June few Board members available. Rebecca will post note on Elementary School that meeting is cancelled and Board members will prepare agenda for Annual Meeting in July via e-mail. Agenda must be to Ana for mailing by Friday the 26th of June.


Reminder of Annual Meeting: 2nd Wed. of July will be sent on the June bill.


Next Meeting: Annual Meeting on Wed. July 8th at 7:00