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MINUTES – September 2010


TWA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Board Members Present :  Gretcen Goff, President; Jamie Painter, Treasurer;  Maria Bustamante, Secretary;  and Richard fisher Webmaster.

Members : There were no members present.

Operator at Water Pump House : Rudy Martinez

Bookeeper present : Ana Berry

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum : Gretchen Goff verified a quorum.

Approval of Minutes from August 26, 2010, Meeting : Approved after reading the Minutes

Reports :

Operator Report :  Gretchen Goff,  Jamie Painter and Maria C. Bustamante met with Rudy Martinez at the Water Pump House from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m.  Mr. Martinez informed us that the only persons with the combination to the gate lock was himself and Kukelman Pump Service Acculectric, Inc.  Mr. Martinez gave us the combination to the gate lock, so now we also have it.  We spoke about someone calling Glenn Greene of Glenn Green Galleries to ask that he remove all the branch debis from around the Water Pump House.  First, it is a fire hazard; Second, it poses a problem if a Kuckelman truck needed to back up to the pump.  We also found out that the Arroyo Pequeno lock combination had been changed.  We have a new combination to the Water Tank.  Mr. Martinez told us he was at the Water Tank the day after Jack Montoya set the switch to “Manual” position, because the Water Tank had overflowed.  The switch should always be set to the “auto’ position.  If ever there is an overflow turn the switch to “Off”.  Mr. Martinez asked us to call Kuckelman Pump Service Acculectric, Inc. if we are not able to locate him.  Mr. Martinez stated the day we did not have water, it was because both of the surge protectors had burnt out.  Kukelman has since replaced both of the surge protectors.  Mr. Martinez told us he would get the fire hydrant value key and place it in the Water Pump House for us, if ever there is a fire hydrant leak.  We l;earned there is no water treatment needed in our water system.  Mr. Martinez explained to us how the pump readings work.  He also mentioned that if the “target” is at the top of the Water Tank, it means that the tank is empty.  Mr. Martinez spoke to us about El Nido Restaurant’s need to hore an engineer to prepare a “peak usage” report for them.

We then moved the meeting to Grecthen Goff’s house.  The Borad Members present were Gretchen Goff, President, Jamie Painter, Treasurer, Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary, Richard Fisher, Webmaster, and Ana Berry, Bookeeper.  Ms. Berry gave us her Financial Report and we were all happy to hear that the Profit and Loss Statement showed a profit from January through August of 2010.

New Business :

1.  The ICIP Resolution #2010-2 was approved and passed.

2.  We spoke about the policy regarding commercial customers and agreed to that.

3.  We spoke about past due bills.  We agreed Ms. Berry would send customers a “shut-off notice” when the customer fails to pay their bill after sixty (60) days.

4.  We agreed Ms. Berry will begin sending new meter bills for $100.00 each.

5.  We spoke about whether El Nido Restaurant should have one commercial water meter and two resdential meters for the two apartments behind the restaurant.  We decided that El Nido should have a commerical water meter and a residental water meter behind the restaurant.  Gretchen stated she would call Christina Bruff, our attorney, to get her opinion as to what would be the best way ro proceed with El Nido.  We Discussed the need to give El Nido a deadline for hooking up to the TWA sysytem.

6.  Gretchen Goff stated that our recent MHI Survey could not be used for a CDBG grant.  We would need to take a survey to apply sor CDBG.  It was agreed by the Board that we would not initiate a new survey or pursue loans and grants at this present time.  We will continue to make repairs as needed and to upgrade and replace the infrastructure as determined by Rudy Martinez.

7. Richard Fisher reminded us it is time to have the Water Tank cleaned.

8. We agreed Ana Berry should ask Members for a copy of their Warranty Deeds so she can prepare Certificates.

9.  We agreed that someone would speak to Ana Berry regarding the policy of the other small water associations about transferring of old members’ water rights to new members after the sale of their property.  We should put this in our Rules and Regulations.

10.  Randy Buckley, Vice-President, via Jamie Painter, voicecd his concern about Maria C. Bustamante using a recorder during our meetings.  Maria stated she would rather use a laptop computer and it was agreed she would do this.

Adjornment :

Next Meeting: The Board agreed the next meeting of the TWA BOard will take place on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at the Tesuque Elemantary School.