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MINUTES – March 2010


Wednesday, March 10,  2010

7:00 PM at Tesuque Elementary School


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Randy Buckley (VP), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher (webmaster), Mickey Shultis (last meeting)


System Operator: Not Present


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


1. Call to Order


2. Verification of quorum


3. Approval of February Meeting minutes: Approved.


4. Reports

Operator’s Report & Estimate for Replacement of Undersized Lines (Rudy Martinez): Forthcoming, but no report at this meeting.


Financial Report, including home in receivership (Ana Berry): Net income in February was -$4,991.47 because of payments not deposited yet, low water usage and two large bills (Kuckleman $2900 & Liability insurance $1089).

Deposits will be made once per week from here onward which should help monthly Profit & Loss reports more accurately reflect our financial status. Bank balance ~ $40,000 which is healthy.


Delinquencies: Meter # 2 is about $1100 overdue. On shut-off list again and Ana will ask one of us to call member if she doesn’t find a check at the Post Office the morning of the  24th.


Receivership: Property at meter #13 $241.63 overdue and meter has been turned off since last summer although being charged monthly meter fee. We should be charging the bank this fee, and not owner. Under contract for new owner. Gretchen will try to contact bank to see if they will honor bill.


Water Shutoffs:  Per Rules & Regs, Ana will send out shutoff notices to those 60 days and over.


Loan Payment: Almost $4,000 due for first loan payment next month. We should probably set-up an account for reserving money for this. But, Jamie suggests we do this after accountant for audit has advised us on our reserves.









5. Old Business

Review of Revised Bylaw and Articles of Incorporation:


Per Bylaws –

Tenants-members: Board agreed to charge no fees to tenants/non-members. We will send bills to tenants if requested, but Ana lets members knows that ultimately the bill is their responsibility, not the tenants. We will not collect information concerning tenants, beyond addresses for bills.


When bylaws approved, we must issue certificates to all members and provide a list of members. We do not have a verified list of our members, but rather meter #s with billing party. Rebecca will review meter # list with Jack Montoya to begin process of ascertaining who are members, not simply billing party/tenants. If necessary, Richard and Gretchen may research property owners when we are unable to ascertain property owner, i.e. member of TWA. Then, we will be able to issue certificates of membership.


Randy Buckley has done significant work simplifying and clarifying our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. The Board expressed our appreciation to him on this undertaking.


Per Articles of Incorporation Clarity reached on Articles.


Letter to Attorney: Board in agreement that we should establish guidelines for our dealings with our attorney with intent to control costs. We will be explicit with attorney about maximum costs for any project, as well as request more regular billing. Rebecca will review letter that Randy drafted to Christina about these issues for further discussion at next meeting. Board suggested that we appoint a point person on the Board for all issues.


6. New Business

Return Flow Credits: Our President spoke the importance of initiating this process. Again (see below), it seems important to first do a preliminary engineering report.


Audit: State requires that mutual domestics must be audited. Ana and Jamie will both attend audit meeting at end of this week, as well as workshop in April. Per Jamie’s understanding, if revenues, over $50,000 MD must do yearly audit. TWA’s revenues last year were $53,000. ($50,000 – $250,000, tier 4, independent accountant for audit necessitated. List of approved accountants must be used.) Local NM mutual domestics have paid $3300 – $5900 per year. Accountant can offer opinion on reserves which should be useful in Jamie’s opinion, but unfortunately yearly audit will cost almost 10% of annual revenue.


Funding Appeal: Our letter requesting funding addressed to Ben Ray Lujan, Binghamton, and Udall taken to DC by Leroy Garcia. If approved, we would need a fiscal agent to receive monies. We should receive an acknowledgement at minimum.


Melanie Delgado: Preliminary engineering report necessary for any funding, but all the state offers is reduction to $12,000 for our buy-in on a $50,000 study. Is there any way to reduce this cost further?


June Meeting: Rescheduled to Tuesday, 1 June. May bill should note this.




April 2010 Meeting: Wednesday the 14th at Tesuque Elementary School