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MINUTES – May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7:00 PM at Tesuque Elementary School


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Randy Buckley (VP), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher (webmaster)


System Operator: Not present


Bookkeeper Present: Not present


1. Call to Order


2. Verification of quorum


3. Approval of April Meeting minutes: Approved.


4. Reports

Operator’s Report & Revised Estimate for Replacement of Undersized Lines (Rudy Martinez): No answer on phone.


Financial Report (Ana Berry): Ana unexpectedly delayed while out of town and so no financials. She will e-mail April and year-to-date reports to Board members this week.



Commercial Meter #002. Paid and up to date.


Private Meter #10. APS caseworker has found bills and TWA will be paid.



Audit Report (Jamie Painter): Jamie’s summary of my workshop filed under Board Training in Secretary’s notebooks. Jamie believes an audit would be useful for the TWA and if Board in agreement that we should have an audit, and if he can find an approved company on list that has already audited an Mutual Domestic at a reasonable rate, then he could bring companies and estimates to Board for our consideration. Jamie wants to confirm that we have sound book-keeping methods. (Ana is not currently bonded but could this cost be spread out amongst the associations for whom she works? Auditor could answer question about what size of bond would be appropriate.) Auditor might also make useful suggestions for treasurer.


“Agreed upon Procedures” for Tier 4 Audit: Rudimentary audit. Might be able to help us get a accrual accounting in line with our cash statement.


Jamie suggests we should consider reserve accounts and fund them rather than keeping all of our money in checking.


Decision: Jamie will explore audit options and bring back estimate or bid along with description of audit for Board’s consideration.






6. Old Business

Review of Revised Bylaw and Articles of Incorporation: Formal approval of bylaws and revised Articles of Incorporation would necessitate circulating documents to our members for their review before our July Annual Meeting. It would be useful to clarify to Members in notice of these revised documents that three main changes have been implemented –1. Clarification of voting practices in TWA; 2. Clarification that only property owners can be members; 3. Provision added for Board Members to receive compensation as will be specified in Rules & Regulations.


June billing insert on bright paper – Let Members know that revised documents with above three areas of revision can be previewed at the Website or mailed upon request to Ana. Also, advertize that Board members may receive compensation for Board service. Finally, invite Members to annual board meeting.



Decision: Board approved revisions to Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation and agreed on above mechanism for making them available to Members prior to the Meeting. (Board proposed tentatively that Board members receive base rate coverage for one meter for the year but Bylaws must be approved before Board can move on this matter.)


Recruitment of New Board Members: Board members will continue to ask for Board volunteers.


El Nido: Ana told Gretchen that they still hope to hook-up by June.


6. New Business

Secretarial Duties: Minutes – Christina Muir charges other associations $15/hour with transportation costs. The Board also discussed offering this position to someone in the community.


Member on Ranch House Road asked if they bought a new house on Ranch House Road that is not on the TWA system presently could they hook-up this property to TWA? This property seems to have a shared well. This is possible. Perhaps TWA could gain water rights?


Next Meeting (Rescheduled):  Tuesday, 1 June at 7:00 PM at the Tesuque Elementary School.