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MINUTES – April 2010


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7:00 PM at Tesuque Elementary School


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Randy Buckley (VP), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher (webmaster)


System Operator: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


1. Call to Order


2. Verification of quorum


3. Approval of March Meeting minutes: Approved.


4. Visit by Candidate for County Commissioner’s Race (Paul White): Las Tres

Villas Community Organization has split into the Tesuque Valley Association and a Chepadero branch with hope that they be brought back together in future. County is now in process of putting together “Sustainable Land Development Project” that supports cluster communities. Waster water and water lines are more economical and easily controlled with cluster development. (Document has a water chapter. Online at the County Website under hot topics.)


Paul White is supporting the six month moratorium on development (pre-application) while plan worked through.


Tomorrow night, there will be a Aamodt Meeting in this area.


Aamodt Settlement – In favor of  a settlement, but is opposing the water utility as now imagined in settlement. Water will be pumped 20 miles uphill from SI and thus costly. Therefore, Paul White proposes that there be a pueblo-only diversion. Numerous deep wells planned for community, now, and these deep conjunctive wells might possibly pump cleaned up waste water back into aquifer, as well as cleaned-up Rio Grande water. The PH of the Rio Grande is different so this might create underground deposits and complications. The cost of pumping water uphill (five or six pumping stations) would be high and would further deplete the Rio Grande, and although water supposedly cleaned-up to EPA standards, questionable.


Opposes water line down Bishops Lodge – Paul notes that the SLDP identifies the river corridors in Tesuque and Pojoaque were stated as high development areas.


Concerned also that the proposed water authority for Nambe, Pojoaque, and Tesuque could have condemnation powers. Paul White’s understanding is that a call can be made on a portion of water rights at water master’s rules.  Plan allots 550 acre feet for new development only; new water rights would need come from agricultural water and possible pressure on acequias to supply water rights.


Gretchen: We want to keep our clean and economical water system but need infrastructure assistance. The median income for our area is $31,320. We would just qualifty for a 25% grant if our loan was from the state and a 45% grant from USDA. We want support in our efforts to maintain the integrity of our system.


Paul White: In Chupadero, community got emergency help. Jack Miller, a water operator, was critical to gaining funding.


County recently approved a project for waste water treatment for a school at Pojoaque school and Buffalo Thunder Resort that has a build-out at about $30 million.


What would be relation between this new county plan and Tesuque Zoning Ordinance? Paul White’s understanding is that they might try to integrate Ordinance in, but he doesn’t know specifically how they address priority in the two documents.


5. Reports

Operator’s Report & Estimate for Replacement of Undersized Lines (Rudy Martinez): This last month water showed no E. Coli without any chlorine added. We had a tank overflow. Kuckleman fixed the float switch that led to problem for $591.95.


Rudy submitted an estimate to excavate and replace 2” PVC main line that freezes in the winter on Arroyo Griego. The current lines is buried at a dept of 16” to 32” and is very thin PVC. Rudy would replace this line with 2” schedule 40 PVC to be buried at a minimum o f4’. The length of replacement is approximately 360’. Estimate: $2,880.


Discussion: We would probably need a permit from the County and if compaction required when backfilled,  and then cost would increase. This is not the pipe we would use if we replaced the whole system. SF County is now requiring 8” pipe for fire protection. Rudy suggests repairing in kind, but with upgrade to a higher quality. ( To use 8” C900 pipe versus 2” PVC pipe would be at least eight times more expensive.)


We could theoretically get away with just replacing a smaller portion at the very bottom of the project where pipe is in shade at about 32” deep.


Decision: We will wait for modified estimate on smaller section and then vote this at next meeting.



Financial Report (Ana Berry):


Delinquencies: Commercial Meter #002  has a small overdue in the 90 days zone and a larger bill of approximately $1700.


#10 has $95 overdue. Rebecca and James need get a check by 26th, ideally for more than $200.


Board Education: Board Member training next Thursday, the 22nd, all day, at the State Library in Santa Fe.  Open Meetings Act & Audit training. Board Members should continue ongoing credits.


Jamie Painter will attend training for Mutual Domestics on the audit subject. This training should be targeted for MD and their needs.



6. Old Business

Review of Revised Bylaw and Articles of Incorporation:


Per Bylaws –

Membership Certificates: Unique meter # tied to specific property and owner(s). Decision: Each owner of record would become a member of the association and each member has only one vote, regardless of how many properties and/or meters owned.


How to determine property ownership: In Agua Fria, owners must give a copy of warranty deed to association for their file. This would solve issue of establishing ownership. Ana will send a letter to membership asking for warranty deed. Decision: TWA will issue membership certificates with property owners names per warranty deed, warranty deed number, and meter number(s) on that property.



Decision: We will vote on bylaws by May meeting.


Review of Letter to Attorney: Revised letter to LRPR will be sent by Gretchen.



6. New Business

Approve Membership for Carlton Colquitt, El Nido: Carlton Colquitt, owner of El Nido, has leased business to Tom Vimont of Steaksmith for a  twenty-year lease. Mr. Vimont plans to open business on 1 June. Rudy should be available to do work necessary to hook-up El Nido to water


Board approved Carlton Colquitt as new commercial member of TWAMD.


We can access our entire file on our water rights online, including El Nido. We should have approximately 25 acre feet.


Preliminary Engineering Study and Infrastructure:

Lucero could oversee infrastructure but the care and oversight they offer would be extremely expensive. We could do permits and such ourselves to save money. Dominque with RCAC will come to June meeting to discuss our qualification USDA 45% grant  (as opposed to qualification for 25% grant from NM state). He believes there is the potential for us to be reimbursed for preliminary engineering package.


Endorsement for County Commissioner?: Decision: It would not be productive for us endorse a candidate. Meeting with candidates has been informative and hopefully established working relationship with elected official.


Invite Southwest Water Consultants to May Meeting?: No. They no longer do return flow credit studies.


Rescheduled June Meeting: May bill should note June meeting moved to Tuesday, 1 June.



Next Meeting:  12 May at 7:00 PM at the Tesuque Elementary School.