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MINUTES – June 2010

Tuesday,  June 1, 2010

7:00 PM at Tesuque Elementary School


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher (webmaster)


System Operator: Not present


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


1. Call to Order


2. Verification of quorum


3. Approval of May Meeting minutes: Approved.


4. Reports

Funding (Melanie Delgado, Environment Dept.  and Dominick Donnarrama, RCAC): Melanie sent Gretchen the following e-mail this afternoon:

“I agree that we should probably hold off on attending the meeting tonight

since the only funding available at this time does involve loans.  What

we can do is talk to you and/or your board along with an engineer from

our department regarding prioritizing your needs and how best to move



Souder engineering has already offered a million dollar estimate for infrastructure replacement, but what if we worked with Rudy and did it piecemeal? Dominick could send out an engineer at no cost to look at infrastructure and offer estimates for portions of infrastructure replacement.


Decision: We will pursue estimates for piecemeal infrastructure replacement. (Engineer can help us with setting priorities.)


Operator’s Report & Revised Estimate for Replacement of Undersized Lines (Rudy Martinez by phone): Approx. $1800 for about 80-100 feet. Approx. $1000 less but for two-thirds less line replacement.


Decision: We will proceed with estimate from April for approximately 360 feet line replacement at $2880.


Financial Report (Ana Berry):


Membership Vote:   Nina Paul purchased property at 6 Marguaritaville.


Decision: Approval of new membership.


Summary of financials – Annual loan payment was paid this month so actually not a bad showing at -$765.89.






Meter #10. No payment but APS involved.


Meter #13. Property in foreclosure and we can hold new owner to past due.


Meter #2. Balance $1421.90 and owner says he will pay half now and half at end

of next month. Should we communicate to him that we have been lenient and do

not intend to continue? No decision reached.


6. Old Business


Brochure – Wanted New Members: Ana will mail with this next billing. Changes: Only contact person to be Gretchen and note that we have at least one open position available. Include logo.


Annual Meeting  Notice and plans: Potential new members – Gretchen will contact potential board members.


Notice of Annual Meeting: Simplify to read ‘Important changes have been made to the articles and bylaws on which we need to vote at the annual meeting. These can be viewed at website and hard copies will be available annual meeting.’ Also note, we are looking for someone to take minutes and compensation possible.


Requests for warranty deeds for proof of ownership of property will be sent out after annual meeting. Notice for annual meeting to be sent with July billing as this will provide ten day notice, but send “wanted” brochure with this billing due out in next few days.


6. New Business

Secretarial Duties (Rebecca): Take minutes, circulate to Board, incorporate changes, and forward to Webmaster; 2. Review Minutes to for prior discussions and decisions relevant to current business; 3. Seal; 4. Maintain Rules and Regs, Bylaws, and Articles (Updating Rules & Regs ongoing).


Water Rights & Bylaws: Sense that to join our system new members must relinquish water rights. Other associations – except Agua Fria – require that new potential members transfer ¼ acre foot for a new membership. It can be necessary in some cases for new members to buy water rights to give to system if not already hooked-into system.


Water rights: Domestic, agricultural, and acequia.


Decision: Gretchen will ask Christina about our intent to include in bylaws the requirement that any new members (not a transfer) must transfer or buy water rights for system. (¼ acre feet would be approximately $8000 at current value.)


Next Meeting (Annual Meeting of the Association):  Wednesday, 1 June at 7:00 PM at the Tesuque Elementary School.