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MINUTES – July 2010

TWA Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Board Members Present: Gretchen Goff (president), Randy Buckley (vice president), Jamie Painter (treasurer), Rebecca Allahyari (secretary), Richard Fisher (webmaster)


Members: Juan and Marie Bustamante (1 vote); Sally Cleaver; Gilbert Ortiz; Jack Montoya


Operator at Water Emergency Elsewhere: (Rudy Martinez)


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: 9 Members present & quorum verified.


Approval of Minutes from 2009 Meeting: Minutes from August 2009 (Special Meeting) approved after reading of the minutes.



Financial Report (Jamie Painter): Per Balance Sheet, the TWA’s assets mostly in the form of infrastructure and checking account. We closed calendar year 2009 with a net income of $8,354.98. We make payments on two loans (new meters and 1979 loan for physical infrastructure). This year so far, in blank by $13,000 so again rate increase has helped us. But, we will be spending money in the late summer for infrastructure replacement in areas susceptible to winter freezes and expenses will increase.


State Auditor’s Office has been training accountants to audit organizations like ours but thus far expense for such an audit is about 10% of our income. Jamie believes an audit would be useful and continues to look for another option that would be less costly.


Operator Report (Ana delivered report for Rudy Martinez):


In Sept. 2009, a Sanitary Survey of the water system was conducted by Maria Medina from NMED Drinking Water Bureau and no deficiencies were found.


In Dec. 2009., an emergency tank level indicator was installed at the well site. This will alert the community if the water level in the tank drops below normal and will allow time to correct the problem before the community runs out of water.


In Feb. 2010, there was a leak on the 2″ line on Arroyo Griego. The TWA Board authorized replacing and lowering that line where it is too shallow and freezes. This work will be done in the later Summer or early Fall.


This last winter, 2 or 3 member water lines froze, but no meters froze.


In Mar. 2010, the tank overflowed and the float switch was replaced.


The monthly Coli-form and E-coli test results were all absent and no chlorine has been added to the water.


The radio meters have all functioned well, with no failures.


All other operations and maintenance of the system has been normal.


Unknown if El Nido has hooked-up although they have paid membership fee.


New Business


Vote on Revised Bylaws: Board has approved revised bylaws pending approval by  membership. Three areas of modifications:

  1. Only property owners (not renters) may be members of the Association. Voting restriction has been clarified so that one vote per person per property. If a couple owns two properties, they may have two votes, but with three or more properties, they are held at only two votes. And, one individual owning more than one property can vote only once.


Language clarified so that although association may bill renters, if bill not paid, lack of payment defaults to becomes owner’s responsibility.


  1. Voting rules clarified to match how voting has proceeded so that there is one vote per property, and not per meter number.
  2. Compensation – Amended bylaws so that Board Members may be compensated with waiver of the baseline water charge on one – and only one – meter.


Bylaws revisions approved.


Open Meetings Act Resolution #2010-1: Act read and approved with change noted that Board agreed to meet only 10 times per month – provided notice given to members that a meeting has been cancelled on the billing just prior to meeting.



Election of Directors: All officers will serve again except that Rebecca Allahyari has stepped off of Board as secretary and Maria Bustamante was voted on as the new secretary.


The Board will purchase a tape recorder to assist Maria in her duties as secretary.





Next Meeting: The Board agreed to cancel the August meeting and so the next meeting of the TWA Board will take place Wednesday, 8 September 2010 at the Tesuque Elementary School.