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MINUTES – November 2010

TWA Annual Meeting

Wednesday, November 10, 2010




Board Members Present:  Gretchen Goff, President; Jamie Painter, Treasurer, Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary, and Richard Fisher, Webmaster.


Members:  No members were present.

Operator Present:  Rudy Martinez.

Bookkeeper Present:  Ana Berry

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum:  Gretchen Goff verified a quorum.

Approval of Minutes from October 13, 2010, Meeting:  Approved after reading of the Minutes.


  1. Ana Berry handed out the Well History Summary Report dated November 10, 2010, as well as the Profit and Loss Report for October, 2010.  Ana handed out the Rules and Regulations of the Canoncito at Apache Canyon Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association so that we could read their rules and regulations regarding the transfer of water rights.
  2. Gretchen suggested we think about repairing the tank soon.  Rudy stated we should clean the tank approximately every five (5) years.
  3.  Ana reported that Tesuque Elementary School received a $2,000.00 plus adjustment to their water bill.  Jose Jimenez called to report that he found a leak in his water heater.  He asked if he could received an adjustment on his total bill of $38.76, which was approved by the Board.
  4. At our last meeting, the Board approved all Board Members would receive a $20.00 monthly credit to their bill.  Ana said she forgot to adjust the Board Members’ bill, but said she would make the adjustments on their next bill.
  5. Ana reported she had spoken to the owner of the Tesuque Village Market and told him he would have to pay the pending finance charges.

6.  Regarding the Peter Ortega property, Ana stated the water should be shut off to the property because the property has been sold.  Rudy will turn the meter off tomorrow.  Ana will file a Lien with the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office due to the unpaid water bills.

7. Ana will also file a Lien on Sam Griego’s apartments property for unpaid water bills.

8.Rudy said he replaced four hundred feet (400’) of line in front of the Roll’s house at 27 Arroyo Griego.  It was a two (2) day long job.  Rudy said he waited for two (2) hours before Qwest and the Gas Company of New Mexico employees arrived.  Qwest did some locates and told Rudy they located many dead lines.  Rudy hand-dug for a long time and accidently cut a line on Saturday.  Qwest was called and they said they would be there in two (2), but they never showed up.  Rudy is concerned because there is a two inch (2”) line goes under the Roll’s garage under the cement slab.  There are two (2) meters there and Rudy is concerned about trucks driving in and out of there now that the dirt has been disturbed.  The weight of the trucks might break the pipes.  Rudy buried two traffic cones near the road, but when he went back a few days later, someone had dug up the cones and put them to the side of the road.  Rudy showed us cellular telephone photographs of the water lines that were replaced.  Rudy feels he showed do some more work on the lines, but first wants to protect them.  He feels the fittings might break.  Rudy put in some locating wire in case he has to dig later.  Rudy feels the best thing to do is to re-route it around the garage.  Ana said she has spoken to the Roll’s son and thinks he would be agreeable to this.

9.The Board was informed that Charles Watkins’ property on Griego Hill is in foreclosure.

10. Gretchen stated she spoke to the El Nido Restaurant’s attorney, Christina Bruff, regarding the signing of the Deed to water rights.  Tim Vimot said that Carlton Cloquit is very ill and unable to sign the Deed and wondered if he could sign it for both of them.  Christina Bruff said that if they are co-owners, both must sign the Deed OR Mr. Vimot must provide a Title document in order to be able to sign the Deed.  Mr. Vimot was asked to call Christina Bruff if he had any questions.  Rudy said he also called the owner, Mr. Sullivan, because of the loss of pressure to the apartments.  Yesterday, Mr. Sullivan called Rudy to ask that he send him an estimate for connecting a ¾” line to the restaurant, which Rudy has done.  Mr. Sullivan asked Rudy if he was able to cap the well and Rudy told him he needed the specifications first.

11. Randy Buckley was looking into what was causing the corrosion in the tank.  He will give us a report at our next meeting.  Rudy reported that the tank could be cleaned for approximately Five Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars [$5,700.00].  Richard Fisher believes he has the CD of the condition of the inside of the tank when it was last cleaned.  The cleaning company found corrosion at the bottom of the tank and in the ceiling.  During the last time cleaning, two (2) to three (3) inches of manganese was found.  Rudy believes we should clean the tank, then repair it.  Rudy will get two (2) to three proposals to have the tank cleaned, which will run about $995.00 for a robotic unit and about $1,000.00 for a diver to go into the tank and clean the bottom.  Rudy said that underwater epoxy will prolong the life of the tank.

12. Rudy said that Canoncito at Apache Canyon Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association has a manganese filter, which was purchased for approximately   $30,000.00.  They also built a new building to house the filter.

13. Jaime Painter’s, the Treasurer, house has been sold, so he relinquished the checkbook to Gretchen Goff, the President.