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MINUTES – October 2012


Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Board Members Present: Randy Buckley, President; Robert Martinez, Vice-President; Maria C. Bustamante, Secretary; and, James F. Brooks.


Non-Board Officers: Jaime Painter, Treasurer


Members Present: Joe Saiz


Operator Present: Rudy Martinez


Bookkeeper Present: Ana Berry


Roll Call and Verification of Quorum: Randy Buckley verified a quorum.


Approval of Minutes from September 12, 2012, Meeting: Approved after reading of the Minutes.




1.  Ana Berry handed out the Profit & Loss Report for September, 2012, the Profit & Loss Report for January through September, 2012, the bank account reports and the Aged Delinquent List dated October 10, 2012.


2.  Jaime Painter reported on the status of all the accounts, including the reserve account.


3.  Ana Berry noted Customer No’s. 004 and 005 account is delinquent and she is going to call him about it.


4. Customer No. 025A requested a bill adjustment.  Ana will check to see what this customer’s bill was in October, 2011, a year ago.


5.  Ana Berry stated she had a wrong address for Customer No. 073A and this is why the bill is delinquent.


6.  Ana Berry reported that Customer Nos. 052A and 041A have received shut-off notices.


7.  Anna Berry stated that the new owner of El Nido Restaurant and apartments has paid its bill to join TWA.


8.  Rudy Martinez stated that the new owner of El Nido Restaurant wants to hire someone to do the trenching and wanted to know if this would be okay with TWA.  He would like TWA to install three (3) water meters.  The Board feels it should prepare an Agreement and Lien Release.  The owner stated that the County of Santa Fe told him they did not know if the road to be trenched is a private or county road.


9.  Rudy Martinez reported that Paragon Electric received TWA’s satellite system and they had programmed it.  After Paragon installed it, it did not work.  Paragon had to return it to the manufacturer for repairs.


10.  Randy Buckley handed out a Proposed Conflict of Interest Policy for adoption by the Board.  The Board will take this matter up at the next meeting.


11.  Randy Buckley also handed out a Delegation of Authority chart for approval of the Board.


12.  James F. Brooks asked how many acre feet of water rights TWA had.  Randy Buckley reported that TWA owns 23.93 acre feet per year, but with the addition of water rights transferred from El Nido Restaurant, the total would be 26.135 acre feet per year.





The next meeting of the TMDWA Board will take place on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Tesuque Elementary School.